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(July 19, 2002) - Less than 50% of the job market demand for efficient Java developers will be satisfied by 2003, according to the Gartner Group, indicating that the demand for Java developers is much higher than the actual availability. One of the main reasons for this is that developers experience an initial decreased level of productivity when migrating from other languages such as COBOL and RAD/4GL to Java. The leap, in many cases, is just too demanding. "Due to the steep learning curve, less than 50% of the job market demand for efficient Java developers will be satisfied by 2003," says Gartner. "Learning the essential differences and complexities of the Java platform is not a short process," comments Ben van Niekerk, product manager at Compuware SA. Several analysts have indicated that in order to meet the challenges of low Java productivity and to maintain J2... (more)

Oracle-Sun: Early Round-Up of What the Blogosphere is Saying

"Casualties? Java and MySQL for sure, and perhaps Sun's hardware business," says CyberTech Rambler; "Oracle can utilize Sun's Solaris and Java platforms....However the future of MySQL has not been mentioned and may not be so rosy," notes Steve Kennedy. The blogosphere is abuzz with news and views in the wake of Oracle's intended acquisition of Sun for $7.4BN announced this morning. We bring you here a brief selection of what's being written around the Web about the deal by ordinary, insightful bloggers rather than the usual high-profile professional pundits: "Looks like I´m worki... (more)

Sun Roundly Refutes IBM and Microsoft Web Services Jibes

(April 26, 2002) - Sun Microsystem's chief technology evangelist, Simon Phipps, speaking exclusively to the JDJ News Desk, commented extensively - and combatively - on the latest jibes from Microsoft Corp's Charles Fitzgerald and IBM's Bob Sutor, alleging that Sun - which still remains outside the Web Services Interoperability Organization - is to all intents and purposes also out of the Web services race itself. JDJ: The San Francisco Chronicle recently said, of the Web services space: "To an outsider, observing this market must be a little like watching Spock play that 3-D boar... (more)

James Gosling Leads Sun's New java.net Community

(June 12, 2003) - Sun Microsystems, Inc. took advantage of JavaOne to announce java.net, a new community and Web site created to facilitate Java technology collaboration in applied areas of technology and vertical industry solutions. Sponsored by Sun, with editorial resources and technology infrastructure provided by CollabNet, Inc. and O'Reilly & Associates, java.net aims to expand the Java technology portfolio of applications, tools, and services. Leading technology companies, industry associations, universities and research institutions, Java user groups, and individual Java ... (more)

DataDirect First Vendor to Implement Windows Authentication for Pure Java Access to MS SQL Server

(July 17, 2003) - DataDirect Technologies' DataDirect Connect® for JDBC® 3.3, is the first set of Type 4 JDBC drivers to support Windows authentication. Through an innovation thought impossible by many in the industry, DataDirect Technologies has implemented Windows authentication within their Type 4 JDBC components used for connecting Java applications to Microsoft SQL Server data. DataDirect Technologies has a patent pending on this new technology. Windows authentication is also called "integrated security" and "trusted connections," primarily because it is an integral part of ... (more)