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JDJ News Desk looks at what's being said web-wide about the announcement this week of a strategic alliance between Google and Sun, starting with Groklaw's PJ. Groklaw's Pamela Jones: "Apparently Google isn't intimidated by Microsoft. That is news by any marker. And further, if we were worried that Sun was in Microsoft's pocket ... I think this is evidence to the contrary." David Kirkpatrick, Fortune: "It would be easy to see today’s announcement as just a way for Sun alumnus Schmidt to lend some of Google’s astonishing luster to his friends at the long-suffering Sun, which hadn’t had an operating profit for nine quarters until this year. ... But don't underestimate the techies at Sun. For years the company has said, 'The network is the computer,' and Sun really does aim to make that a reality. These are people who have believed in something for a lon... (more)

"Have a Little Faith," Says Gosling

"Java on Linux is more powerful than Java on UNIX by itself" "Prior to Linux I had to think about two platforms: Windows for the client side, UNIX for the server side. Both have tried to 'cross over' to the other side but neither has really been successful. Linux is a combination of both: a UNIX operating system with the complete functionality that Windows has (GUI interface perspective). So Java on Linux is more powerful than Java on UNIX by itself, or Java on Windows by itself. Java overcomes some disadvantages inherent in other languages because it provides unified libraries and... (more)

Breaking News: Will BEA's "Beehive" Save Alfred's Stock Price?

JDJ Exclusive: How Long Can BEA Survive Against IBM? IBM Says, "We're Extending Our Lead Against BEA!" "IBM Has Widened Its Lead Over BEA, Gartner Confirms" BEA is expected to announce today that they will open major parts of WebLogic Workshop and donate it to the open source community in an attempt to stop losing market share against for example JBoss which is a free alternative to BEA's more expensive WebLogic licensing and support programs. With its code name "Beehive," BEA's global goal is to make the WebLogic Development Framework the world's leading toolset for developing app... (more)

WindowBuilder: First Enterprise Java Development Suite with GUI Tools for SWT and Swing

Instantiations has begun shipping WindowBuilder, a new line of GUI construction tools for Java. This Java-based development suite is the first enterprise development product to support both the Eclipse-based standard widget toolkit (SWT) and Sun's Swing component technology in a single solution. The WindowBuilder suite seamlessly integrates into today's most popular Java IDEs and provides powerful and intuitive technology for creating rich client Java applications. WindowBuilder products install into Eclipse-based IDEs, including IBM WebSphere Studio, and provide a sophisticated,... (more)

Will Sun Unveil Bechtolsheim's Opteron Boxes?

Sun co-founder Andy Bechtolsheim, inventor of the workstation that originally catapulted Sun to the front racks and first backer of Google, is about to deliver a couple of the Opteron boxes that he was brought back to Sun to create. Bechtolsheim came back to Sun and reclaimed his old "employee number one" badge a year ago February after Sun bought Kealia, his latest start-up. He was made chief architecture of volume systems products and Sun CEO Scott McNealy went on about how Andy could built a Ferrari out of off-the-shelf parts. And this is what he may have done. A source repo... (more)