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Fancy a license for your favorite Java Systems at half-price - or even for free? Starting today, Sun's newly appointed EVP, Software, John Loiacono, told Sun's "iForce" partners at the iForce Summit in San Diego, qualified iForce reseller partners can license the Java Enterprise System software from Sun for just $50 per employee per year and the Java Desktop System software for just $25 per desktop per year. That's exactly one-half the usual rate. But for small businesses - defined as businesses employing fewer than 100 employees - the news is better still: so long as they if they meet the program's criteria and accept the associated terms and conditions, companies with fewer than 100 employees may qualify for one year runtime licenses for the Java Enterprise System software...for free. "Many customers find that using Java Enterprise System software allows them the... (more)

Fujitsu's i-Flow 5.1 Includes SMS Messaging and Java-based Business Process Customization Features

Fujitsu Software Corporation recently announced the availability of its INTERSTAGE i-Flow 5.1 Business Process Management engine. i-Flow 5.1 meets industry demand for business process management products that include Short Message Service (SMS) messaging features allowing for wireless access, and Java Actions that allow enterprises to extend the functionality of their business processes using the popular Java language. i-Flow is a component of Fujitsu's INTERSTAGE e-Business Platform. The INTERSTAGE e-Business Platform also includes a highly scalable and reliable application serv... (more)

JBoss Teams with Librados

(July 24, 2003) - JBoss Group LLC has entered into a co-marketing agreement with Librados Inc., a provider of J2EE-standards based application integration software. Under the agreement, Librados has joined the JBoss Preferred Affiliates™ Program. Achieving more than 2 million downloads in 2002 alone, and on track to reach three million downloads in 2003. JBoss is the industry's fastest-growing Java application server. Through the partnership, using the Librados Enterprise Integration Component Server (EICS) and a family of pre-built JCA Adapters, Java developers can perform simpl... (more)

"We Have Not Sold Our Soul to the Dark Side" - Gosling on Sun/MSFT Pact

James Gosling, CTO of Sun's Developer Products Group, has a lot to say about what he calls "rampant speculation echoing back and forth over the net" since the announcement of the Sun/Microsoft settlement. In his blog, Gosling tries to set the record straight. Answering Rick Ross's concerns expressed in Where is Java in this Settlement? , James says Sun has not sold out the Java community. "We have not sold our soul to the Dark side. We haven't overnight turned into mindless lap dogs. We've had a lot of experience with Microsoft over the years, and it has made us very cautious." ... (more)

"Have a Little Faith," Says Gosling

"Java on Linux is more powerful than Java on UNIX by itself" "Prior to Linux I had to think about two platforms: Windows for the client side, UNIX for the server side. Both have tried to 'cross over' to the other side but neither has really been successful. Linux is a combination of both: a UNIX operating system with the complete functionality that Windows has (GUI interface perspective). So Java on Linux is more powerful than Java on UNIX by itself, or Java on Windows by itself. Java overcomes some disadvantages inherent in other languages because it provides unified libraries and... (more)