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On a late sunny Tuesday afternoon, James Gosling, the creator and father of Java, takes time out to chat with JDJ's Alan Williamson and Blair Wyman. Williamson: How are you finding JavaOne so far? Gosling: There's an awful lot of energy here and just seeing what people are up to is a lot of fun. As we go from year to year, things are moving at such a quick pace. Seeing how much stuff is incredibly real these days is quite a rush. Williamson: Are you still involved with Java? Gosling: It's my job, every day. Williamson: We can't imagine you sitting there in front of a compiler; do you? Gosling: Actually for the last couple of months I've been tormenting the guy who owns the compiler source and I've been hacking on it relatively heavily. But I think someday he will forgive me. Williamson: What's the big surprise this year when you walk around all the booths and exhibito... (more)

JBoss Group Commits to J2EE 1.4 Certification for JBoss Open Source Java Application Server

JBoss Group LLC announced this week that it has reached an agreement with Sun Microsystems, Inc. to license the J2EE 1.4 technology compatibility kit to certify the industry's most popular open source, Java-based application server, JBoss. In an exclusive statement to JDJ, JBoss explains their take on certification: "JBoss Group's commitment to J2EE certification for the JBoss application server is part of our strategy of delivering Professional Open Source, this means making Open Source the "safe" choice for enterprise IT. As JBoss is increasingly used in development and product... (more)

"It's Not Just About Security," Says Sun's Schwartz

"Network security is not the oxymoron our competitor would like you to believe," Jonathan Schwartz, head of Sun's Software Group, told the audience to his keynote address as the RSA Conference 2004 last week. "But it's time the industry admitted that the defensive approach to PC security with bigger moats, taller walls, and memos from the CEO have clearly failed," he added. "It's time we went on the offensive by proactively authenticating and differentiating service to the good guys, instead of always hunting the bad," Schwartz continued. "This approach is more befitting a limitle... (more)

There's Still a Ton Going On at Sun: Sun CEO

Sun's Project Vector, which will be launched at JavaOne this week as the Java Store, is a network service to connect companies of all sizes and types to the roughly one billion Java users all over the world. According to Sun CEO Jonathan Schwartz it "has the potential to deliver the world's largest audience to developers and businesses leveraging Java and JavaFX." Writing on his industry-leading blog, in advance of this week's show, Schwartz asked the rhetorical question "What kinds of companies might be interested?" Here was his answer: "If you talk to a Fortune 500 company or a ... (more)

Java Developer's Journal Exclusive: 2006 "JDJ Editors' Choice" Awards

The editors of SYS-CON Media's Java Developer's Journal are in a unique position when it comes to Java development. All are active coders in their "day jobs," and they have the good fortune in getting a heads-up on many of the latest and greatest software releases. They were asked to nominate three products from the last 12 months that they felt had not only made a major impact on their own development, but also on the Java community as a whole. The following is a list of each editor's selections and the reason why they chose that product. Joe Winchester Desktop Java Editor Swin... (more)