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Fancy a license for your favorite Java Systems at half-price - or even for free? Starting today, Sun's newly appointed EVP, Software, John Loiacono, told Sun's "iForce" partners at the iForce Summit in San Diego, qualified iForce reseller partners can license the Java Enterprise System software from Sun for just $50 per employee per year and the Java Desktop System software for just $25 per desktop per year. That's exactly one-half the usual rate. But for small businesses - defined as businesses employing fewer than 100 employees - the news is better still: so long as they if they meet the program's criteria and accept the associated terms and conditions, companies with fewer than 100 employees may qualify for one year runtime licenses for the Java Enterprise System software...for free. "Many customers find that using Java Enterprise System software allows them the... (more)

Oracle-Sun: Schwartz Is Toast - Miko Matsumara

According to Web visionary and SOA expert Miko Matsumara, there was only one certain result of there being two board factions at Sun Microsystems, one in favor of the IBM deal (the Jonathan Schwartz faction) and the other opposing (the Scott McNealy faction): "Mark my words, Schwartz is toast, IBM deal or no deal," declared Mastumara recently in his 'SOA Thoughts' blog. Now that Oracle has bought Sun instead, will the same apply? Scott McNealy & Larry Ellison on SYS-CON.TV "If the IBM deal fails completely ...look for Scott McNealy to pull a Michael Dell (or a Jerry Yang, dependi... (more)

Exclusive JavaOne Interview...with James Gosling

SYS-CON RADIO INTERVIEW An Interview with...JAMES GOSLING, Creator of Java and Sun Fellow, Sun Microsystems, Inc. INTERVIEW BY JASON WESTRA & DAVE JOHNSON at JavaOne 2000 PROFILE IN BRIEF: James Gosling, the lead engineer and key architect behind the Java programming language and platform, has been involved in distributed computing since his arrival at Sun in 1984. His first project was the NeWSTM window system. Before joining Sun, he built a multiprocessor version of UNIX, the original Andrew window system and toolkit and several compilers and mail systems. He also built the or... (more)

Might Shortage of Advanced Java Developers Reach As High As 50% By 2003?

(July 19, 2002) - Less than 50% of the job market demand for efficient Java developers will be satisfied by 2003, according to the Gartner Group, indicating that the demand for Java developers is much higher than the actual availability. One of the main reasons for this is that developers experience an initial decreased level of productivity when migrating from other languages such as COBOL and RAD/4GL to Java. The leap, in many cases, is just too demanding. "Due to the steep learning curve, less than 50% of the job market demand for efficient Java developers will be satisfied by... (more)

Breaking News: Microsoft To Appeal Motz Ruling on JVM

Microsoft spokesman Jim Desler spoke exclusively to JDJ-IN News Desk on Friday, confirming that Microsoft does plan to appeal Judge Motz' ruling. "We intend to appeal the court ruling in this case once the case is entered," said Desler. (The formal order was anticipated to go into place on Monday.) Motz also said he would grant a two-week stay after he issues the order, to allow Microsoft time for the appeal. Desler explained that on December 23, 2002, Judge Motz issued his opinion, but Sun and Microsoft needed to confer to figure out what shape compliance would take. The session ... (more)