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(August 27, 2002) - It all began earlier this month when Scott McNealy implied in an interview that the Open Source model would hamstring Sun completely in its attempt to out-gun Microsoft in the enterprise-level computing arena by threatening the licensing revenue Sun and others need to finance J2EE's advertising and R&D. Now the founder of JBoss, one of the most widely spread OS implementations of all, a full-fledged application server already in its 3.0 version, has published an online rebuttal of McNealy's remarks. Writing on the main page of the JBoss site, www.jboss.org, Marc Fluery - who is also president of JBoss Group LLC - claims that OS in general "and JBoss in particular" are on the contrary "Sun's best defense against Microsoft .NET." Can OS Help Save the App Server Tier from .NET? "Only Open Source," Fleury argues, "has proven uniquely resilient to a ... (more)

"We Have Not Sold Our Soul to the Dark Side" - Gosling on Sun/MSFT Pact

James Gosling, CTO of Sun's Developer Products Group, has a lot to say about what he calls "rampant speculation echoing back and forth over the net" since the announcement of the Sun/Microsoft settlement. In his blog, Gosling tries to set the record straight. Answering Rick Ross's concerns expressed in Where is Java in this Settlement? , James says Sun has not sold out the Java community. "We have not sold our soul to the Dark side. We haven't overnight turned into mindless lap dogs. We've had a lot of experience with Microsoft over the years, and it has made us very cautious." ... (more)

"Sun Should Make Java a True Open Standard," IBM Repeats

It began, in earnest, with Rod Smith's open letter to Sun. Then came Bob Sutor's wheeze: Let's Bundle Java Free With Linux. IBM, in other words, has been on Sun's case all year about developing some kind of open source implementation of Java. Of course Eric S. Raymond has also joined the party, with his own open letter to Scott McNealy: "Let Java Go". Neither IBM suggestion cut any ice with Sun, which responded that IBM's request seemed "a little bonky." (Mind you back in June 2003, James Gosling hadn't been quite so dismissive of the idea.) Now IBM has escalated the call for S... (more)

Diamelle Releases Java EE Platform-Based Low Cost Authentication Server to Deter Fraud and Identity Theft

Diamelle Technologies which provides a comprehensive identity and access management enterprise solution, has announced the release of a low cost Authentication server with two factor authentication, aimed at the SMB market and high volume online applications. Authentication with more than one factor is considered as strong authentication which is considerably more difficult to compromise as compared with single factor authentication. Two factor authentication, using one time passwords (OTP), requires the user to enter something they know, which is usually a PIN, and something the... (more)

Scott McNealy on the Way Out in the Next Few Days

Sometime between now and the end of Sun's fiscal year in June, its CEO Scott McNealy, the longest-serving CEO in the industry, will supposedly step down in favor of Sun's pony-tailed president Jonathan Schwartz. That's what the buzz in and outside of Sun has been saying for the last few days. "Unfortunately for Jonathan - and for Sun - there aren't many people who would spit on him if he were on fire," writes today's issue of Client Server News. "Besides, he's hasn't shown that he knows how to save the company but evidently he gets the job because it would take too long to find s... (more)