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Offering addons to test UltraLightClient-based applications more easily, a new 6.2 version of Canoo's Java library for Rich Internet Applications was announced today. The new ULC 6.2 test extensions offer an improved way for developers to test the user interface of their applications using JUnit and Jemmy, says the Swiss-based company. "Functional testing with the new UltraLightClient test framework is more reliable and takes into account the client/server setup of UltraLightClient applications, as well as special UltraLightClient features such as lazy loading," said Canoo CTO Bruno Schaeffer. "This improved test framework takes care of synchronization and enables end-to-end testing with no additional infrastructure code or Jemmy workarounds," he added.  Canoo Engineering is a Swiss software company specializing in products and services for enterprise web applications... (more)

Java Quotes From NCO4-Q1 in San Francisco

"[Java's] not about just PCs, but everything of value on the network." "Java is everywhere. It's not about just PCs, but everything of value on the network. Java technology runs on over 200 million cell phones around the world, 500 million Java cards, 550 million PCs and 80 percent of the enterprise servers in the world." Ingrid Van den Hoogen, Director of Strategic Marketing, Sun "Your clocks, cars, pets, thermostats and luggage will be connected" "It will be an Internet of things. Your stuff will be connected so you don't have to [be]. Your clocks, cars, pets, thermostats and lug... (more)

Schwartz to McNealy: "Thank You, Scott, You Are a Hero To Us All."

In an impassioned blog heralding the beginning of a new era for Sun Microsystems as mentoree takes over from mentor, Jonathan Schwartz (pictured) used his industry-famous blog on Tuesday to sing the praises of the man he'd just succeeded as CEO of the company: Scott McNealy. "There is no single individual who has created more jobs around the world than you," Schwartz wrote, apparently echoing word for word an e-mail he sent to his CEO to boost his morale after a particularly savage press attack two years ago, some time in 2004. It was apparently a moreale-booster that did not hesit... (more)

Canoo Releases Free Open Source XML Tool for Java RIA Development

Canoo has announced the release of ULC XML, a tool that allows developers to create UltraLightClient user interfaces from XML files. ULC XML is a free and open-source tool for Canoo’s Java RIA library. It is available for download at the ULC XML project site (https://ulcxml.dev.java.net/) at Java.net. ULC XML is an UI generator for UltraLightClient applications. The XML file is parsed at runtime and rendered into Java objects. ULC XML is similar to the solution offered by the open source project SwiXml: Java classes are mapped to element names; property names translate into... (more)

Europe’s Biggest Business Software Developer         Aligns Itself With Sun’s J2EE Platf

(October 30, 2001) - The rumor mills in Walldorf, Germany, are busily turning. Hasso Plattner and Henning Kagermann, the co-Chairmen and co-CEOs of Europe’s largest software vendor, SAP, are apparently all set to announce that SAP is going to come out in favor of Java. When a world-leading provider of enterprise resource planning software used to integrate back-office functions such as distribution, accounting, human resources, and manufacturing makes a decision like this, the world sits up and pays attention, since more than 13,500 companies use SAP software. That means 13,500 c... (more)