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Java developers will have noticed in the past few weeks that Sun has already begun to crank up a new "unified" approach to its software business. Sun gave JDJ an exclusive chance to ask questions, offering you the reader the opportunity to ask Jonathan Schwartz, the dynamic young executive VP of Sun's new Software Group, what's going on at Sun. : I've been working exclusively with Java since its birth. I'm a big fan, especially of Sun's Java. However, this past year I noticed that Sun's stock wasn't doing well. Many people, Microsoft folks included, have started to claim that Sun won't be around in five years. I'm really concerned; I know Java will be fine because of broad support from the industry, but I would like to see the creator of Java always be the leader of Java. : Sun has plenty of staying power. We are coming off a seasonal low per... (more)

Java Rocks! - J2EE 1.4 Showcased in San Francisco

It's only been released since November 2003. Nonetheless, according to Sun, it has already "spawned five compatible products in only six months and 15 more have confirmed development schedules." "It" of course is J2EE 1.4 - the latest version of the specification that now boasts 35 OEMs on board and over four million downloads of its SDK. To an audience that included Marc Fleury, George Paolini, Bob Sutor and assorted Java influentials, Mark Bauhaus, vice president of Java Web Services for Sun Microsystems, was in no doubt about the strength of Java. "J2EE is the leading enterpris... (more)

Desktop Java: JDIC is "Definitely a Step Forward"

Rick Jelliffe, CTO of Topologi and a standards activist with ISO and W3C involved in XML, WWW internationalization, and schema languages, has commented on this week's move by Sun to release under the LGPL license a Java API that allows Java applications to better integrate with a modern desktop. Called the JDIC / JDesktop Integration Components API, the API allows apps to embed a Web browser component, access/launch desktop applications and associate filetypes. "The optimist in me sees hope in JDIC," Jelliffe says. "maybe someone in Sun is pushing towards providing the kinds of ... (more)

Schwartz "Totally Crazy" to Raise Idea of Sun Buying Novell, Says Analyst

Who'll Buy Novell First, Sun or IBM? Jonathan Schwartz is certainly keeping Sun in the headlines these days, most expecially with his recent speculations about what would happen if Novell were to be acquired by a bigger software giant - like, say, Sun arch-rival IBM. Or even by Sun itself. As we reported last week, Schwartz's intentionally provocative view, expressed on the eve of the LinuxWorld Conference & Expo in San Francisco, was: "If IBM acquires them, the community outrage and customer disaffection is going to be epic." "IBM is in a real pickle," he observed in a blog. "Red ... (more)

Sun's Java Workshop Model

The following excerpt is from "Inside Java WorkShop," by Lynn Weaver & Bob Jervis. Sun Microsystems Press/Prentice Hall PTR book. (ISBN 0-13-858234-3; $39.95US) Copyright Sun Microsystems Inc., 1997. The Java WorkShop design draws from the combined wisdom of the UNIX and the PC worlds. Here, Java has proven itself invaluable. Because Java WorkShop is written in Java, tools written as applets can share project information, allowing for sophisticated integration. Adding new tools is as easy as writing a new applet. Collaborative groups of applets can leverage the capabilities of J... (more)