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(July 24, 2003) - JBoss Group LLC has entered into a co-marketing agreement with Librados Inc., a provider of J2EE-standards based application integration software. Under the agreement, Librados has joined the JBoss Preferred Affiliates™ Program. Achieving more than 2 million downloads in 2002 alone, and on track to reach three million downloads in 2003. JBoss is the industry's fastest-growing Java application server. Through the partnership, using the Librados Enterprise Integration Component Server (EICS) and a family of pre-built JCA Adapters, Java developers can perform simple or complex application integration quickly and easily from the JBoss server or a Web server environment. Librados is reducing the cost of application integration by offering either royalty-free source code to independent software vendors, or extremely low-cost software to customers with it... (more)

"Sun Should Make Java a True Open Standard," IBM Repeats

It began, in earnest, with Rod Smith's open letter to Sun. Then came Bob Sutor's wheeze: Let's Bundle Java Free With Linux. IBM, in other words, has been on Sun's case all year about developing some kind of open source implementation of Java. Of course Eric S. Raymond has also joined the party, with his own open letter to Scott McNealy: "Let Java Go". Neither IBM suggestion cut any ice with Sun, which responded that IBM's request seemed "a little bonky." (Mind you back in June 2003, James Gosling hadn't been quite so dismissive of the idea.) Now IBM has escalated the call for S... (more)

Microsoft Can Outspend Sun Tenfold & On Anything Says Father of Java

(September 27, 2002) - James Gosling concedes in a press interview this week that the sheer profitability of archrival Microsoft Corporation gives them a 10-to-1 spending advantage. "They can outspend us on anything," says Gosling. Asked whether Jonathan Schwartz's recent appointment as Executive Vice-President of Sun's new Software Group was likely to alter the course of Java in any significant way, Gosling is upbeat, speculating that Schwartz's team's commitment to "exploit the synergies" between the three legs of Sun's software effort - Solaris, Java, and the product world - "s... (more)

Sun's Java Desktop System to Support AMD Athlon 64 Processor

(September 25, 2003) - Sun Microsystems has announced support of the Java Desktop System on the AMD Athlon 64 processor, leveraging the momentum of Sun's Java Desktop System and fulfilling customer demand for an alternative desktop. Sun will provide both 32- and 64-bit Java Desktop System support for the AMD Athlon 64 processor recently announced in San Francisco. Customers in areas such as manufacturing, call centers, and governments will benefit from the system's increased processing and memory power, and enhanced ability to process mixed and digital media as well as graphics-i... (more)

James Gosling Named CTO of Sun's Developer Platforms Group

Vice president, Sun Fellow, and Java technology creator Dr. James Gosling will join Sun Microsystems' Developer Platforms group as chief technology officer. Most recently, Dr. Gosling focused his time in the Sun Labs, leading a research team on advanced designs for software developer tools including refactoring methodology and pursuing advanced technology research initiatives such as the well-known project called Jackpot. In his new role, Dr. Gosling will work to bring the Java and tools technology advances achieved by the Sun Labs team into the commercial space. "Since Java tech... (more)