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Software is created by programmers who write code, testers who try and break the code before users do, and analysts who are incapable of either task. Analysts know this and like a congressman's PR agent on their lunch break, they must constantly adapt to find new ways to remain on the payroll. The answer in IT is no different than any similar dilemma in which a person finds himself: bluff, fraud, and deceit. For inspiration, the analyst thinks back to those days at school when he or she sat in science classes and gazed at complicated diagrams being drawn by the teacher. The kids who understood what the teacher was saying went on to become proper engineers, while the befuddled analysts instead picked up the subliminal message "complicated diagrams = good". The syllogism was clear ­ if they too could create presentations that others couldn't understand perhaps one da... (more)

Father of the Web Becomes "Sir Tim"

In his book Weaving the Web, the inventor of the WWW, Tim Berners Lee - Tim BL for short - tried to answer questions that had been thrown at him again and again ever since Christmas 1990 when he first got his "World Wide Web" browser/editor working on his machine and one belonging to CERN colleague Robert Cailliau, so that the two of them were able to communicate over the Internet with the info.cern.ch server. Questions such as "What were you thinking when you invented it?" through "So what do you think of it now?" to "Where is this all going to take us?" He didn't anticipate, e... (more)

"I Didn't Invent XML Dammit," Says Tim Bray

It's every geek's dream to be able to write such a message. Tim Bray, Canadian technologist extraordinary, has finally had enough of being dubbed "the inventor of XML" - and accordingly wrote to a Slashdot thread yesterday to say:  I didn't invent XML dammit (Score:5, Informative) by tbray (95102) on Friday January 09, @07:10PM (#7934486) There were 11 other people on the committee and a couple hundred more in the discussion group. Geez. [ Reply to This ]   "I was just going to suggest that somebody push you off a cliff, in case you feel like inventing something else," was the first (... (more)

Java Runs NASA Mars Rovers

When the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory's (JPL) Mars Exploration Rover, Spirit, successfully landed on Mars on January 3, 2004, Java was there too. The Mars Rovers devices, developed by the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in conjunction with Wind River, use the Java platform as a low-cost, easy-to-use option for the program controlling the Rovers' operating system. Why Java? James Gosling, JPL advisory board member and "Father of Java," explains that it's due to Java's ability to transcend many platforms. "They can have scientists all over the world looking at the data but c... (more)

IBM Software Group Execs Play Musical Chairs

JDJ Exclusive: The Future Of Middleware & Tools - Q & A with the 5 General Managers of IBM's Software Group John Swainson, head of the IBM WebSphere division, has been named Big Blue's top software sales executive, replacing Donn Atkins. Tivoli general manager Robert LeBlanc has become general manager of the WebSphere organization in his place. Atkins becomes general manager of IBM's global Business Partner organization, a $30 billion business. Al Zollar succeeds LeBlanc as general manager of IBM's Tivoli software group. An IBM spokesperson has downplayed today the changes, denying ... (more)